‘Another Period’ Premiere’s Best Gag in GIFs: Cocaine Wine

Last night’s premiere of Comedy Central costume-drama raunchfest Another Period was mostly funny and often crude, with a few standout moments. Each week we’ll be pinpointing those best moments with help from Tumblr’s best GIF mavens.

The climactic highlight of last night’s episode, of course, was the drug-fueled orgy of violence that finished things off. The players were Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, the ultra- spoiled Bellacourt ladies, and the Marquis de Sainsbury — the arbiter of social class in Newport.  In a bid to steal attention back from the marvelous Keller, Beatrice and Lillian (played by the show’s co-creators, Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome) offered cocaine wine around. Surprisingly, even the sober-minded Keller and her helper Sullivan were on board.



cocaine wine

The cocaine wine got everyone to relax and bond, even uptight, temperance-loving Hortense — called Hor — who’s mocked by her sisters for her “face windows.”

mountain of gold


Unfortunately, however, the introduction of a drinking contest meant that matters soon got out of hand. Annie Sullivan raged at an oblivious Helen Keller, the Bellacourt sisters raged at everyone, and pillows, dishes, and insults were thrown. After a wine-glass stem stabbing (Beatrice really, really wanted to stab someone), a shooting, some light incest, and more hijinks, the Marquis had had enough with the ridiculous Bellacourts.


He left with Sullivan and Annie, presumably  leaving the servants to clean up the blood, narcotics, shards of glass, and feathers.

Cocaine wine sounds amazing, but the Bellacourt women know better than anyone that there can be too much of a good thing.

I'm full- another period

Is that the sound of the Custard Bell I hear? Heaven forbid! Until next week.