Stark and Moving Photographs of Post-Recession America

During the summer of 2013, photographer Noah Emrich embarked upon a 12,000-mile trip around the US, with the goal of capturing the post-recession American landscape. “The towns I visited are the sites of disinvestment; those places exploited in order to support the upward growth of our financial and corporate sectors,” he says in a statement. Bountiful, his new book from Done to Death Projects, is the result of that journey.

From his artist’s statement:

It was a time when the United States was still reeling from the damage of the 2008 financial disaster. Even though the TV screens spoke of new record highs on Wall St, and said that we had beat the recession, America’s countryside still showed deep wounds. Incomes and employment were woefully lacking. Bountiful presents an image of America as I saw it over those two months.

Click through for a selection of highlights from Emrich’s book.