Postcard-Perfect Paintings of Fashionable Vintage Women

It would be easy to mistake the paintings of James Rieck for photos from the new season of Mad Men (wishful thinking), but the Maryland/DC-area artist, who we spotted on Fubiz, simply has an affinity for all things vintage and feminine. Combining his past as a muralist, the vintage fashions found in old advertisements, and picture-perfect nature backdrops, Rieck’s hyper-stylized paintings are total eye candy. The poses and mixed colorful separates are all catalogue model, while the backgrounds are all ‘60s postcard. The artist elevates the humor by cropping the women just slightly above their lipstick-slick grins, which calls attention to the cheesy poses and scenarios. And if you’re a fashion bug, Rieck’s picks will delight. Shout out granny panties.