Wonderful ‘Clue’-Inspired Art From Gallery 1988’s Tribute to the Cult Classic

Thirty years ago, Paramount released Clue, a whodunit screwball adaptation of the popular board game, with an all-star comedy cast including Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, and Michael McKean. And it sank like a stone. Whether audiences were put off by the mere notion of a movie based on a board game (they had no idea what they were in for) or simply confused by the movie’s “three different endings” gimmick (“the audience decided they didn’t know which ending to go to, so they didn’t go at all,” director Jonathan Lynn told BuzzFeed), they steered clear of the picture, which disappeared quickly — only to reemerge years later, thanks to home video popularity and heavy cable rotation, to become an honest-to-goodness cult classic. But nothing’s really a cult classic until it gets its own exhibition at good ol’ Gallery 1988, which recently opened a Clue show at their West gallery. And we were lucky enough to get a look at a few choice selections.