10 Hangover Movies to Help You Through Your Post-Holiday-Weekend Nightmare

With the combination of the previous days’ inebriation and the sound of fireworks still ringing in everyone’s ears, countless Americans will have woken up on July 5th, 6th, etc. with a headache. What better way to pass those few hours, waiting for the Advil to kick in and the fear to dissipate, than to watch a film? So, as you try (or are forced, by virtue of aforementioned hangover) to forget America’s birthday — and all the embarrassing and unnecessary things you did in its “honor” — we’ve thought ahead, and provided you with a list of ten films, all of which have protagonists with whom you’ll very easily empathize, due to your current… condition. (And we’ve also done you the service of not including The Hangover.) Depending on the exact brand of interminable nightmare you’re currently enduring, you may prefer more lighthearted fare, and the first five on the list will provide that. But if you’re simply beyond repair, and are feeling like a human handle of vodka and vomit, you may prefer to give in to the darkness — and the last five on the list will get you there.