The 50 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time

Last month, Empire magazine released the results of their online poll of the greatest movie characters of all time, and it was, well, depressingly predictable — pretty much the same crop of characters you see every time one of these lists is made or polls are taken, a slight reordering of the same homogenous assortment of blockbuster protagonists. And to be sure, some of them have earned their iconic status, but there are also plenty of remarkable cinematic creations who don’t get their due. So in an attempt to compile a more up-to-the-moment ranking, Flavorwire’s movie buffs — Jason Bailey, Alison Nastasi, and Judy Berman — put our heads together, and reached out to a couple of our favorite film scribes — Nathan Rabin and Sheila O’Malley — to come up with this definitive (read: totally subjective) ranking of cinema’s most memorable characters.