The 5 Genres of Celebrity Memoir, by Hollywood Ghostwriter and Novelist Hilary Liftin

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper is — if you can’t tell from its title — a fictional celebrity memoir written by novelist Hilary Liftin. And it just so happens that Liftin herself is an established ghostwriter of celebrity memoirs who has worked with Miley Cyrus and others.Praised by Flavorwire (and Vogue and Cosmpolitan) as one of the must-read novels of the summer, Movie Star tells the story of actress Lizzie Pepper’s divorce from her husband, megastar actor Rob Mars. Pitched as a tell-all, the novel got us thinking: what are the actual genres of celebrity memoir? Thankfully, Liftin wrote a list of her favorite celebrity memoirs along with a genre breakdown to clear things up. “As a ghostwriter,” Liftin explains, “I can’t help but read celebrity memoirs through that lens. Here are some of my favorites.” — Jonathon Sturgeon