33 Must-Read Books for Fall 2015

Even though Jonathan Franzen’s Purity is the first book on this list, it is in many ways the least important. The truth is that after a dizzying autumn, we may not remember Franzen’s novel at all. Just think: new novels by Elena Ferrante, Margaret Atwood, Valeria Luiselli, and Orhan Pamuk; short fiction by Joy Williams, Percival Everett, and William Gass; landscape-altering American debuts by Joanna Walsh and Eka Kurniawan; timely and timeless nonfiction from Gary Indiana, Carrie Brownstein, Patti Smith, and Margo Jefferson. Not to mention that the season brings a haul of great new works in translation, poetry collections, and a book of essays by Marilynne Robinson. And just when you thought the controversies of 2015 had died down, Michel Houellebecq returns in October to reopen our spiritual wounds… Franzen who?