Just Another Politico On the Wall: A Brief Survey of World Leaders in Graffiti

Presidential candidates will spend billions of dollars on advertising next year. Digital, print, radio, and — most costly — TV, will be plastered in faces you’ll already be wholly sick of seeing. It’s refreshing, then, that one of the most striking avenues for advertising is (illegally) free and (for the most part) owned by the people: walls.

Graffiti artist Hanksy’s (yes, Hanksy‘s) latest effort showcases the power a single image on our street can have; in this case, a steaming turd with Donald Trump’s screaming face superimposed upon it. Its simplicity is its brilliance. Donald Trump. Shit. Together. It needs no other words.

Around the world, and across the decades, people have picked up spray cans to vent their anger, or in some cases reverence, for those who govern them. Browse a selection graffiti depicting political leaders, while hoping Trump never reaches that status: