32 Albums You Need to Hear This Fall

Looking ahead to upcoming album releases is a precarious proposition in 2015. Surprise midnight digital releases are de rigueur, and an ill-timed leak can postpone, move up, or scrap an album’s release date altogether. But as long as artists (and labels) keep promising to deliver the goods, we’ll be waiting with bated breath.

This fall’s crop features new music from British stalwarts old (PiL, New Order) and young (Disclosure, Chvrches), even including a band that appears to have risen from the dead (The Libertines). Prince is set to drop his new record exclusively on the celeb-studded streaming service Tidal, and while Fetty Wap has been ubiquitous on the airwaves this summer, his self-titled debut is still forthcoming. The noisier set has new albums from Destruction Unit and Diät to look forward to, as well as Deafheaven‘s highly anticipated followup to the beautiful horror of 2013’s Sunbather.

And what about the likes of Kanye, Frank Ocean, Grimes, Adele, and (gasp) Justin Bieber? They’re all expected to release albums this season, but outside of a few nebulous hints, little is known about their plans. But it’s likely we’ll see a release from at least one of them. And then there’s that album made by cats…

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