St. Vincent Declares She’ll “Never Quit” in New Short Documentary

“Out here you can just exist,” says St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, and as if to emphasize her point, we see her walk through some desolate fields wearing little else but a black headscarf. She is speaking about her native Texas, in a new short video made for Nowness.

The dreamy clip lasts just over four minutes and has Clark musing on her art and motivation in voice-over, which plays over various images of her performing, wandering around in a rental car, and attending a junior baseball game (where she sings the Star Spangled Banner).

“I have a compulsion, a drive, something that compels me forward to keep making music and doing the thing that ultimately makes me happiest.”

She also declares her intent to make music for the long run, saying, “I am my work, I mean, I am my life’s work. I’ll never quit doing this.” Later, Clark looks on as a small group do an unlikely choreographed dance in the middle of nowhere. Aptly, her voice-over opines, “Human nature is infinitely strange and just infinitely fascinating… you just have to find it all in little moments.”