Awesome Photos of Britpop Icons, Then and Now

Britpop may have died with the release of Oasis’ ridiculous Be Here Now, or the moment when a few University College London blokes performing as Starfish changed their name to Coldplay, but almost two decades later, there’s a surprising amount of life in that beautiful corpse. Blur’s classic The Great Escape (which helped hasten the end of the movement by pitting the single “Country House” against Oasis’ “Roll With It” in an obnoxious chart competition dubbed “The Battle of Britpop”) celebrates its 20th anniversary on Friday, though the band needn’t rest on its laurels, having released a widely praised reunion album just a few months ago. And they’re not the only Britpop veterans who’ve remained active — just this week, Suede announced a new album, Night Thoughts, which will come complete with a feature-length film.

With that in mind, this seemed like an appropriate moment to see how the past two decades have treated Britpop’s leading lights. Encouragingly, and in spite of several serious drug habits, it seems that most of these icons have fared quite well indeed.