A Dark Reading List for Your Inner Teen Goth

Happy birthday to one of the godmothers of gothic entertainment, Anne Rice. Before the era of Twilight and its sparkly undead, the best-selling author was dishing up decadent, dangerous vamps and witches for the horror fiction crowd.

“As a child, I saw this beautiful film, Dracula’s Daughter. . . . It was all about this beautiful daughter of Dracula who was an artist in London, and she felt drinking blood was a curse. It had beautiful, sensitive scenes in it, and that film mesmerized me. It established to me what vampires were—these elegant, tragic, sensitive people,” Rice said of one of her early influences.

Most people were drawn to Rice’s florid works when they were younger, so we’ve collected a number of other books that are sure to appeal to your inner teen goth.


Lost Souls, published as Poppy Z. Brite

Billy Martin, previously known as Poppy Z. Brite, made a smashing debut in the horror fiction world with 1992’s Lost Souls. Set in the South, featuring modern-day vampires who blur the lines of sexuality (with goth-friendly names like “Ghost”), Martin’s book is erotic, violent, and understands the angsty outcast who is often torn between the dark and light.