12 Horror Icons Reading Scary Stories You Can Listen to Right Now

The Halloween season is the perfect time to curl up with a spooky story and let your imagination venture to some shadowy places. We love a good horror narrative around this time of year, so we decided to give our film-loving eyeballs a rest and kick it old school with some audible terror tales — and who better to read these scary stories than the horror icons we love? We recommend listening to them in the dark.

Christopher Lee reads Dracula

There is no one better suited to read this Bram Stoker classic than the actor who played Count Dracula in the Hammer Films horror series. Christopher Lee’s performance as king of the undead was vastly different from fellow screen vamp Bela Lugosi’s flamboyant version. In Hammer’s 1958 film Dracula, aka Horror of Dracula, Lee barely uttered a word (his lines totaled 13), but he imbued the role with a never-before-seen intensity and eroticism.