Preview ‘An Art Show About Nothing’ — Which Is, Of Course, an Art Show About ‘Seinfeld’

The personal cost of minutiae was the core conflict of every episode of Seinfeld. That meant enjoying Junior Mints so much that you brought them into an operating room and subsequently into a patient’s innards, or enjoying Jujyfruits so much that you… also inappropriately brought them a hospital — and other varieties of mostly snack/insensitivity-fueled woes. The Seinfeld characters were so privileged by low-stakes existence within the context of the economic boom of the mid-’90s as to have projected the highest of stakes onto the absolute most (physically and figuratively) diminutive problems.

Now, An Art Show About Nothing, opening Saturday at Gallery 1988 (East) in LA, similarly aims to turn the show’s “nothing” into something. Pretzels, cookies, crayons, and catchphrases bearing the Seinfeld stamp of hilarious futility will be given the attention and grandeur of a gallery opening, shouldering (or pretzeling, if you will) the disproportionate weight of Art. Click through our slideshow, courtesy of Gallery 1988.