10 TV Events to Look Out for in November

The onslaught of fall TV may be (mostly) over, but this is the era of peak TV — the well of new material isn’t running dry anytime soon. Still, thanks to the end of network premiere season, most of November’s offerings revolve around streaming and cable, from Netflix’s new comedy series to Starz’s attempt to channel both Vince Gilligan and Amy Sherman-Palladino. Here are the top ten events to line up on your DVR this month.

November 6: Master of None premieres on Netflix

The Internet is already frothing at the mouth for Aziz Ansari’s crack at a Louie/Girls-style dramedy about life as a struggling artist in New York, and with good reason: co-created with Parks and Recreation‘s Alan Yang, Master of None has both an impeccable comic pedigree and admirable diversity (Ansari’s already talked about how female writers informed the show’s point of view). With a Madison Square Garden special and a best-selling book already behind him, Master of None caps off a year for Ansari only Amy Schumer could claim to top.