10 Must-Read Books for November 2015

With some of the year’s best realist novels, science nonfiction, literary reissues, and art books, November of 2015 is something of a win for the publishing world, which sometimes falls asleep ahead of December’s year-end lists and gift books. After reading the Ulitskaya though, with its snowy Moscow winters, or Mary Louise-Parker’s fiction-memoir, which reads like drinking chocolate straight from a spigot, you’re free to take a nap until the Holidays.


Mary Gaitskill — The Mare  (Pantheon, November 3)

Ten years after her last novel, the National Book Award-nominated Veronica, Gaitskill returns with The Mare, a story about a Fresh Air Fund kid from Brooklyn who gets involved with a (classically) damaged host family and a (classically) damaged animal. Even if it’s a more toastily cinematic Gaitskill, it’s still Gaitskill. And it’s sharp on the divide between the city and the provinces.