A Comprehensive Field Guide to ‘Hunger Games’ Knockoffs

What “adult” coloring books are to 2015, dystopian fiction aimed at young adults is to the last half-decade: an entire pop cultural phenomenon that sprang up in the shadow of a single breakout success. 

Which is to say that what Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest, Secret Garden, and Lost Ocean are to coloring, of course, Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games and the massively profitable movies they inspired are to the renewed popularity of dystopias aimed at, but by no means limited to, a teenage audience. (Though both, of course, follow in the tradition of the post-Harry Potter “kid wizards!” and post-Twilight “sensitive monsters!” boom times.) In honor of the final installment of the Hunger Games film franchise, out this Friday, we tracked publishing and Hollywood’s attempts to replicate the series’ success. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what Katniss Everdeen hath wrought as her era symbolically comes to an end.