10 Hilariously Deceptive DVD Covers

One of this week’s most delightful home video releases (as we’ve mentioned) is the new 20th anniversary re-release of Tom DiCillo’s uproarious indie-movie satire Living in Oblivion, which comes loaded with new special features, a lovely transfer, and an… interesting cover. Said cover turns over nearly half its square footage to Game of Thrones superstar Peter Dinklage, and bills him third behind Steve Buscemi and Catherine Keener — a sharp contrast to the film itself, where he’s billed seventh and doesn’t show up until the last half hour.

It’s of kind of heartwarming that Dinklage is now a marketable name, considering that part of his role in the film is complaining about how people of his stature are used (and underused) in cinema; it’s also the most recent example of DVD and Blu-ray distributors using a secondary actor’s subsequent fame as a slightly dishonest selling point.