Bikers, Lowriders, and Serpent Handlers: A Photographer’s ‘Roadbook’ of a Journey Through America

Photographer Hunter Barnes is a traveler. His newest monograph Roadbook, now available from Reel Art Press, is a testament to his journey through some of the most diverse and misrepresented communities in America.

Barnes documents bikers, lowriders, prisoners, and serpent handlers — including Pastor Randy Wolford, who died in 2012 from a rattlesnake bite. These are the frequently overlooked and shunned individuals whose proud faces are their own roadmap of a journey, visible in every crease and expression. As Magnum Photos’ Michael Shulman writes in Roadbook’s afterword, “These are people that would probably not be at the same party, but Hunter has found something to share with all of them. They have all taken him in to their families and lives, for a while, and now we are privileged to see the result of that trust.”

Barnes shoots his portraits exclusively in analog, using black-and-white film, an intimate process that takes time and special attention — like his relationships with those he meets along the road.