15 Gloriously Ugly Pop Culture Holiday Sweaters, Ranked

Since the dawn of time, holiday sweaters have been both hated and beloved by folks the world over. Often decorated with dizzying patterns of candy canes, pine trees, reindeer, and snowmen, for years these sweaters toiled in obscurity, gathering dust for most of the year while less “ugly” sweaters grabbed all the attention. Well, no more!

The holiday sweater has been reclaimed by the wonderful world of pop culture: the candy canes have been swapped with lightsabers and the snowmen with dancing, snuggly Drake. The Internet is swamped with these things and, for the everyday buyer, it’s become tough to sort through the trash to find the treasure. Well, today is your lucky day, because we’ve ranked all of the best pop culture sweaters in this handy slideshow. Joy to the world, everyone!