17 Surf Rock Christmas Songs to Soundtrack Your Holiday Heatwave

Christmas music: you love it, hate it, or just try to tolerate it until the first of the year rolls around. Any way you slice it, you’ve got to put up with the jingle bells and sleigh rides and snowflakes for at least three months of every year, so why not try to make it as gnarly a time as possible?

That’s a good rule of thumb for any time of year — making it as gnarly as possible — so we’re helping you out with this list of tubular takes on holiday classics. They’re especially suited to those who might be stringing Christmas lights in shorts and a tank top this year due to El Niño, nary a flurry in sight. So leave the eggnog behind, grab a cold one, and kick back as the ceaseless twang of surf rock carries you on through to the New Year.