Flavorwire’s 20 Favorite Albums of 2015

End-of-year lists can be fun, but also maddening. We like reading them because it gives us a peek at everything that we might have missed this past year, but often what makes the list can come down to what feels most important rather than what we actually liked.So for this year’s best albums list, we decided to take a different approach. We won’t claim these are the best albums of 2015 (indeed, one came out so late in 2014 we’re counting it this year), but they were certainly our favorite. And since the top entry on a lot of lists will likely be the same this year (and rightfully so, to be quite honest), we chose to make a Top 5 rather than a ranked list. Because, while rankings are fun, this list is meant to be about acknowledging greatness, not pitting artists against each other. On that note, we present our favorite 20 albums of the year, starting with the bottom 15, listed alphabetically: