The 50 Most Anticipated Books of 2016

It’s far too early to have read the major book releases of 2016 — or even the likely contenders published in the first quarter of 2016 — but at this point it’s fair to say that among all of the forthcoming novels and works of nonfiction that we’re aware of, a selection of standouts has emerged. And while 2016 contains fewer famous authors than last year — there is no Toni Morrison, Elena Ferrante, Harper Lee, or (if you want) Jonathan Franzen — there are still plenty of household names. On May 10, for example, we’ll see the publication of Don DeLillo’s Zero K, Louise Erdrich’s LaRose, Julian Barnes’ The Noise of Time, and Nobel winner Herta Müller’s The Fox Was Ever the Hunter. And that’s just to mention a select few.

With this in mind, we’ve limited the selection to fiction and nonfiction books, so stay tuned for poetry and other anticipated lists in the coming days.