50 Films by Women You Can Watch Online Right Now

There’s a movement happening online that asks cinéastes to commit to watching one film per week, for one year, made by a woman. The #52FilmsByWomen pledge is encouraging an interactive conversation about the contributions of women directors. According to research by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University, the number of women directing the 250 top-grossing films declined by 2% over the past 17 years. The Center also found that 38% of films employed either just one woman or no women at all in behind-the-scenes roles. “We asked one, and she said no,” is the favorite lazy excuse of studio heads who try to posit that there just aren’t that many women making movies right now. With that in mind, we’re supporting the #52FilmsByWomen initiative with a list of movies directed by women that you can watch online right now.