10 Sundance 2016 Movies We Can’t Wait to See

Fun fact: During its first three years (when it was still referred to by the bland moniker of the Utah/US Film Festival), the Sundance Film Festival was held in late summer/early fall. It was moved to January, the story goes, at the suggestion of filmmaker and early supporter Sydney Pollack, under the theory that Hollywood types were more likely to come when the skiing was good. Yes, that’s right, there was a time when they were looking for ways to lure people to Sundance. I like to recall this little tidbit when I’m trudging through the snow and slush of a miserable Utah winter – but it’s also tough to imagine it any other way, as the January placement makes Sundance the starter pistol for the year in film, debuting dozens of the titles we’ll spend the rest of 2016 talking about. Here are a few of the ones we’re looking forward to most.