Exuberant Posters Celebrate the Songs of David Bowie

When David Bowie ascended to a higher plane of existence on January 10 of this year, the world exhaled a collective cry of mourning. What followed for most was a nostalgic revisiting of Bowie’s best work, a heightened appreciation for his last work, and just simply coming to terms with a world without Bowie. For NYC-based artist and graphic designer Maia Valenzuela, that process was a creative one.

“When I heard that David Bowie passed away I felt such a profound loss, like losing a friend,” she said, via email. “He had been a huge part of my life growing up, watching Labyrinth as a nine-year-old over and over again, admiring his sense of style and individuality as I grew up, and even in my adulthood, always in awe of his talent as a musician and an artist. I just feel like the least I can do to keep his memory alive is to create posters of all of his songs since he was such an inspiration in my life.” The project serves a practical purpose, too, though. As Valenzuela puts it, “It’s pretty fun to take the lyrics of his songs and create something visual each day, so at least I can put my graphic design skills to good use.”

Valenzuela hopes to create posters for each of Bowie’s songs — a number she estimates to be 352 — and is documenting her work over at Bowie Is Bowie, where she posts a new image almost every day, along with an excerpt of each song’s lyrics. The posters themselves are as bizarre and chaotic as Bowie’s work could sometimes be, though each manages a kind of schizophrenic orderliness.

Valenzuela has given us permission to reprint ten of our favorite works here.