10 Movie Couples Who Definitely Didn’t Make It, Sorry

Not to alarm you or send you stumbling too quickly away from our site to ProFlowers or anything, but Valentine’s Day is Sunday. And there’s a fairly good chance that at some point over the big weekend, you and your S.O. will sit down to enjoy a romantically-inclined motion picture, putting your own loverly entanglements on hold for 90-120 minutes to invest your emotions and interests in someone else’s. But be careful; just because it ends with a Happily Ever After doesn’t mean the couple in question would actually have one.

Alison Scott and Ben Stone, Knocked Up

“Opposites attract” is one of the oldest and most durable tropes of the rom-com, but here’s the problem: in real life, opposites might attract, but eventually they realize they’re just opposites, and they drive each other crazy. And yes, sure, Ben stops smoking so much weed and gets a real job and puts an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind poster up the baby’s room, but real talk: the first time those two are up at 3:30am with a screaming baby who’s puking on everything they own, he’s gonna go find his in-case-of-emergency bong, and she’s gonna lose her shit, and they’ll both realize what a giant mistake they’ve made.