11 Radical Pieces of Yonic Art

For millennia, the phallus has dominated most of what we call Western society, the infallible power of the patriarchy ever-present in towering skyscrapers, monuments, and even remote controls. That ceaseless worship of the cock was visible in art since before it was “art,” and then in public zones and now, around every corner, in our biggest museums. Well, enough of that. Down with the patriarchy, and down with the artistic phallus.

Vaginas have always been present in art, too, but, unlike the always-vocal cock, they weren’t yelling at us about it this whole time. However, just as feminism has rightfully amplified the voice of women, so, too, has the art of the past century begun to increase the visibility of the vagina. Through walk-in installations, plaster molds, 3D-printed vagina kayaks, and plain old vagina dedications, yonic artwork is becoming more and more visible in the art world. We’ve collected some of the most significant in the following slideshow. Enjoy!