Kurt Cobain on the Bands and Musicians He Loved

Most ‘90s teens and 20-somethings will tell you that if you didn’t listen to Top 40 radio or enjoy MTV, you relied on word of mouth, the local record shop, basement shows, and zines to discover new bands and expand your musical repertoire.

The rise of the indie scene gave a platform to tastemakers like Kurt Cobain who wore Flipper, Frightwig, and Sebadoh tees to perform sold-out shows. He dropped names like Daniel Johnston in interviews and introduced blues icon Leadbelly to a whole new generation with his cover of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.”

Cobain would have been 49 today — and Internet be damned, probably still impressing us with his knowledge of underground music, introducing us to new groups. In honor of his birthday, here are quotes from Cobain about the music he loved.