Hilton Als, Stanley Crouch Among Recipients of $150,000 Windham-Campbell Prize

There are more than a few major literary prizes — the Pulitzer, the Man Booker, the National Book Awards, the National Book Critics Circle Award — but they’re nowhere near as lucrative as Yale’s Windham-Campbell prize, which, at $150,000, is for sure a “prize.” 

The Windham-Campbell was established in 2013 by novelist Donald Windham in memory of his long-time partner, Sandy M. Campbell. The only real criterion is that the authors write in English. This year, there were nine recipients of the prize.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (United States)
Hannah Moscovitch (Canada)
Abbie Spallen (Ireland)

Tessa Hadley (United Kingdom)
C.E. Morgan (United States)
Jerry Pinto (India)

Hilton Als (United States)
Stanley Crouch (United States)
Helen Garner (Australia)

Hilton Als, author of White Girls, told Yale, “Essay writing is generally not known as a lucrative field; this honor allows me to continue the work I love with greater confidence — and faith.” Truly, $150,000 for an essayist is a huge deal.