A Selection of Songs About Holidays You Never Knew Existed

At this point, we’re all too familiar with what Christmas sounds like — we’ll never be able to imagine the sound of 25 December without involuntarily hearing chestnuts roasting on an open fire or Santa “hurry[ing] down the chimney tonight” (which, let’s be honest, sounds somewhat dirty.)Major holidays have their fair share of songs to their names, but there are some more obscure holidays you wouldn’t normally think artists would decide to set to song. For instance, today happens to be Casimir Pulaski Day, a day that those of us who don’t hail from Chicago know mostly as the day Sufjan Stevens gets particularly sad and popularizes the banjo in indie music.

Like Sufjan’s famously melancholy track, other musicians have made sonic odes to a variety of other, less pop culturally central holidays. Click through our selection of such songs, and imagine the possibilities of this becoming an even larger trend: picture Lady Gaga’s ode to National Crabmeat Day (celebrated on March 9 — a day devoted to crabs, and their meat), How to Dress Well’s ode to Well Dressing (a rural English custom in which wells are decorated in flower petals) or The Boss‘ self-satisfied tribute to Boss’s Day.