15 Career Musicians You Need to Revisit

It might seem trite to say it, but in this new, probably permanent era of streaming and cloud-based record collections, the commercial shelf life of musicians is getting shorter and shorter. Buzz bands come and go, replaced by new buzz bands and new trends faster than even the music industry would like. Each day, there’s a new artist to obsess over. What, then, happens to yesterday’s obsession?

Well, sometimes they disappear, but often they stick with it, pumping out album after album to modest praise and constant comparisons to the work they produced in their heyday, whenever that happened to be. But plenty of these once-big artists have created bold, rewarding bodies of work, developing skill and nuance that only comes with years of practice.

We’ve compiled a short list of these career artists for your easy consumption. Why not take advantage of a world where every artist’s complete discography is available at your fingertips?