Flee the American Political News Cycle with 25 Great Escapist Novels

CNN got you down? Fox News just too much? I feel you, man. The American political news cycle is off-the-charts crazy right now, and it all makes me want to get under the covers and hide, or possibly run away. Preferably with something to read. If you feel similarly, here are some suggestions of books that will help you escape from the media while still maintaining your intellectual integrity. That is, they’re escapist in the good, absorbing way, not the yikes-this-is-garbage way. I’ll assume, by the way, that you’ve already got the obvious ones: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, etc. Yes, down the rabbit hole is a fine place to hide yourself right now, but even rabbit holes have dirt bottoms, and once you get there, you’ll need a new book. Here are a few to consider.