10 of the Best Highbrow Comedies on Film

On this day back in 1978, Annie Hall beat out Star Wars for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, proving that audiences still had a taste for highbrow jokes over lightsabers. The clever, and often heartbreaking, film contains some of Allen’s best writing.

“Woody Allen’s Annie Hall explores new dimensions of the persona Allen has constructed in movies, on the stage, and even in a comic strip,” Roger Ebert wrote in his 1977 review. “We’re all familiar by now with ‘Woody,’ the overanxious, underachieving intellectual with the inept social life. We’ve watched him develop from bits in a stand-up comedy routine to a fully developed comic character in the tradition of Chaplin’s tramp or Fields’s drunk. We know how ‘Woody’ will act in so many situations that we’re already laughing before the punch line. Maybe nobody since Jack Benny has been so hilariously predictable.”

Here are ten other highbrow comedies on film in the vein of Allen’s movie.