Blissful Black-and-White Photos of Lovers on NYC Beaches

Endless summer romance on Rockaway Beach.

“There is a lot of cynicism about finding love in NYC,” writes Montreal-born artist Erica Reade. The Brooklyn transplant’s work focuses on Rockaway Beach, where she photographs the limb-entwined intimacy between lovers lazing about on the sand and in the surf. The black-and-white format evokes a nostalgic, endless-summer romance amid the city’s hustle and bustle. “People from all walks of life descend upon the city’s shorelines to enjoy sunny days and salty nights. We are raw and exposed on the beach, stripped of our clothes, our makeup, our status markers,” Reade states. Her photos find tenderness in gestures — sunscreen-soaked hands on a back, an arm cradling a lover’s head, a wet embrace barely visible in the distance. See more of Reade’s Beach Lovers series in our gallery, and follow her Instagram for more artwork.