‘Advanced Style: Older and Wiser’ Celebrates Over-60 Glamour and Avant-Garde Fashion

Awesome old people are the BEST.

Photographer Ari Seth Cohen introduced audiences to the best in over-60 fashion with his bestselling book Advanced Style. The artist is back with the follow-up Advanced Style: Older and Wiser, out today from powerHouse Books, which continues to celebrate the glamour of older women and men around the world. Street style and inspiration, in the form of 22 essays by the book’s subjects, comes from trendsetters like artist and film/theater producer Beatrix Ost, who National Geographic described as “a living work of art,” and New York City designer and stylist Ignacio Quiles, who specializes in vintage fashion. Cohen’s work captures the creativity, positivity, and spirit of fashionable seniors who are transforming cliché notions of aging.