The 15 Best Podcasts for Diving into Nerd Culture

This post was selected for inclusion in our Future of Art and Work series in December 2016. The series, sponsored by Microsoft Surface, selects some of our best posts exploring the topics of how art and work will look in the 21st century. This post was originally published in April, 2016. 


The world has never been nerdier than it is in 2016. Winky, referential reboots rule on TV and at the box office. Video games, old toys, and comic books are among our most influential cultural touchstones. For many of us, the smartphone — a tiny computer — is the most important tool in our lives.

Interests and creative forms that have been historically received as uncool in pop culture — the aforementioned comic books and video games, along with the internet, technology, and science — are now creeping into mainstream culture. More than novelties, understanding them is essential to understanding the trends of pop culture’s present and future.

So, whether you want to know more about the comics that’ll inspire the next five years of blockbuster superhero movies, or if you’re just thinking about getting into virtual reality gear, we’ve got all the instructive (but fun!) podcasts you could need right here. Turn on, tune in, and geek out.