The 10 Worst Movies the ‘Mother’s Day’ Cast and Crew Made Before ‘Mother’s Day’

Mother’s Day, the third film in director Garry Marshall’s mission to turn every major holiday into a ponderous, maudlin multi-story rom-com, is out this Friday, and I cannot tell you if it’s any good – as in, I’m literally forbidden from reviewing it, as it is embargoed from review until 9pm EDT Thursday night, two hours after its first screening time in New York, which is of course a very good sign and no hint whatsoever as to the quality of the film. So, restricted from saying yay or nay on the picture until then, let’s take a look at the worst film each of the key contributors to Mother’s Day, before Mother’s Day. Not that we’re implying Mother’s Day is worse than any of them, as we’re forbidden from saying so. Anyway. Where was I?