An Instagram Document of Art History’s Most Elegant Fashions

Art Garments is a fashion and art history lover’s Instagram gem — an account (first discovered on Fubiz) that documents the elegant details in fashions featured in pre-20th-century paintings and other artworks. AnOther Magazine spoke to the anonymous creators of the account — it’s curated by two New Yorkers — about their inspiration:

I sometimes work around a theme that I find interesting or surprising, such as gloves or flowers or stripes. Other times, it is truly organic and guided purely by aesthetics and curiosity about how certain details are rendered or by how a particular garment is worn. I’m inspired by the high drama of the ruff, the jabot, engageantes (the ruffled cuffs); I’m endlessly fascinated by the photographic quality of Dutch Golden Age paintings, and the flounces and fripperies of Rococo and Baroque fashion.

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