15 Unrepentantly Trashy Beach Reads for Summer 2016

Quarterback porn, 'Californication: The Novel,' and Knausgaard: skip the lighthearted fare and go straight for the trashy beach reads.

It will be 89 degrees Fahrenheit in New York today, which makes it official: from now until September, we’re living under the sign of “beach weather.” This means that publishers big and small, laboring under the false assumption that readers want “light” material to thumb through on the beach, will stock bookstores everywhere with feathery “beach reads.” But we all know that no one wants to read about wispy bourgeois friendships and blond children while tanning. On the contrary, when we go to the beach, we want to be seen toting some spectacular trash. With this in mind, here is a list of unrepentant garbage of the sort that will scandalize even the orangest beach guy.