Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Movies You Need to See in June

Competitive tickling, goat testicle implants, and French cowboys... it's a hell of a month at your local arthouse cinema.

Sure, it’s the summer, but this month’s wide releases are still pretty grim stuff: Sequels to Independence Day and Now You See Me and The Conjuring, a wacky The Rock/Kevin Hart buddy action/comedy (you see, one of them is really large, and… you may want to sit down for this…), the story of a slave rebellion as told through the eyes of – all together now – a brave white guy, and that movie where Blake Lively and her bikini battle a shark. But never fear! This month’s indie slate is loaded, with a particularly strong showing of can’t-miss documentaries.

The Fits

Release Date: June 3
Director: Anna Rose Holmer
Cast: Royalty Hightower, Alexis Neblett, Inayah Rodgers

Toni (the terrific Hightower), eleven years old, does her sit-ups, does her work-out, does her sparring; she seems to spend all her time at the community center (we never see her at home or at school). And one day, she peeks through a window, spies a confident young woman moving and strutting at a dance team rehearsal, and sees something there she wants to be a part of. The Fits is deliberately ambiguous about what draws Toni in – whether it’s an explicit attraction to this girl, or a desire to be a part of the world through which she moves so freely – and the film also keeps vague what, exactly, is the cause and explanation (or, more likely, the metaphor) of the title infliction, an odd striking of seizures and sicknesses that is affecting the older girls on the squad. Yet the film never seems incomplete; it’s strange, and audacious, and frankly exhilarating, and when the closing song, Kiah Victoria’s “Aurora”, asks “Must we choose to be slaves/ To gravity?” that’s about all the explanation you need.