The Ephemeral Beauty of Nature Revealed When Camera-less and Digital Photography Meet

Just beyond your perception...

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Photographer Kyra Schmidt, who we discovered on Trendland, uses the transformative power of photography and elements of nature to reveal the beauty of the lush vistas and connect the viewer with an “increased consciousness” of the landscape. From the artist’s website about her gorgeous series Transcriptions:

By focusing on light, time, and chemical and digital interactions, these images explore integral features of photography in order to reveal new ways of experiencing the visual, material, and ephemeral aspects of environment. . . . I collaborate with each environment using natural elements to produce views that are outside of our perception, only made visual through camera-less photographic recording processes. These prints are then superimposed with images of the landscapes within which they were created as a way to ground each piece within its origin.

See the ephemeral beauty of Schmidt’s work in our gallery.