Vintage Photos of Punk Culture from the Epicenter of the Scene

London was the epicenter of punk culture in the 1970s. By 1976, the scene was saturated with kids and bands embracing the lifestyle, the fashion, and the music. Legendary groups like the Sex Pistols had fans forming their own bands. The radical creations sold by Malcolm McLaren and Vivien Westwood at their famous SEX shop weren’t the only spectacle in the scene as punks on King’s Road were constantly pushing fashion to the next extreme. Michael Hoppen Gallery (also in the Chelsea neighborhood) has collected vintage photographs by Ray Stevenson, Peter Price, Paul Revere, and others that document this time period in Britain when punk had fully blossomed. The exhibition is on view through August 26. See a preview of PUNK, featuring memorable images of figures like Soo Catwoman, Johnny Rotten, and the Clash, in our gallery.