September TV Preview: Don’t Miss These 10 Premieres

The September harvest reaps bushels of good TV.

This month, Amazon doth bestride the not-so-narrow TV world like a colossus. If the streaming service’s aim was to steal the networks’ thunder during one of their biggest months, mission accomplished: In September, Amazon drops the third season of its flagship show, Transparent, plus Woody Allen’s first-ever TV series, Crisis in Six Scenes — not to mention two new creator-driven comedies, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag and Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi. September also sees the premiere of two exciting new FX comedies, a Netflix superhero saga, and an NBC drama that I sincerely hope will make us all weep in unison. Nothing like a good cry to kick off the fall TV slate. Go ahead, get messy! I won’t judge. 

9/6: Atlanta (FX)

This dreamy FX series is creator and star Donald Glover’s attempt to show white America what it feels like to be black — a fitting thesis statement for the man Lena Dunham hired to counter attacks that her show, Girls, was too white. Atlanta — set in Glover’s eponymous hometown — is about two cousins trying to break into the music business. The show has an all-black writing staff, which is incredibly rare for television, and for most of them, Atlanta was their first TV writing gig. You feel that rule-book-tossing irreverence in the series, which has a definite narrative arc but still feels loose and uninhibited by traditional sitcom tropes.