Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Movies You Need to See in September

A packed - and we mean PACKED - look at this month's indies and docs of note.

Here’s what a good month September is for indies: normally, when we do this beginning-of-the-month roundup, we have ten titles to recommend, maybe twelve, if we’re lucky. This month, we have seventeen. So let’s get to them.


Release Date: September 2
Director: Kirsten Johnson
Cast: Documentary

“I originally shot the following footage for other films,” documentary cinematographer Johnson explains in the on-screen text that opens Cameraperson, “but here I ask you to see it as my memoir.” The result is a searing mosaic that works on you in stages. Initially, she collects moments and outtakes, with rough transitions and off-camera chatter (and gasps, and sneezes) left in, a document of the creative process – we hear conversations about what the crew is shooting and what to shoot next, and get an idea of how these films are made. But as the portraiture becomes more evocative and the themes begin to coalesce (via connected images, places, and compositions), these human moments create a dialogue with each other, combining to tell a wider, powerful story of their own.