Psychedelic Photographs of Oil Spills Bursting with Color

We’ve been following artist Fabian Oefner’s work for years, hooked on his psychedelic techniques that lend an otherworldly quality to natural materials — like his use of ferrofluids and watercolors. Oefner’s new series called Oil Spill continues his exploration of iridescence, using oil, water, and the reflection and refraction of light. The oil spills could be stars or the irises of the human eyeball. “It came to my mind when I was sitting outside my studio on a rainy day and observed a thin film of petrol on a water puddle,” the artist writes on his Behance page. “So I got inside again and started to recreate the setup in a more controlled environment.” Like his previous work, the technique is simple, but the resulting photograph is quite trippy and magical.