“Luke’s Diner” Pop-Up Shops Open Around The Country to Promote Gilmore Girls’ Reunion

Netflix’s social media campaign for the forthcoming Gilmore Girls revival is extremely savvy. This morning, “Luke’s Diner” got trending on social media as dozens of coffee shops around the country rebranded for the day into the curmudgeon-owned coffee shop in fictional Stars Hollow, the place where the titular “girls” sat, sipped their coffee, ate millions of cheeseburgers without ever gaining weight, and attracted the romantic interest of the strict but kindly owner (that would be Luke).

The whole white-bread/aspirational suburban fantasy aspect of the show is being milked for all it’s worth here. Indeed, currently Instagram and Twitter are both currently filled with happy white women in groups, sipping their lattes, taking adorable selfies, and wishing they could banter about pop culture, complain about their rich parents, and vacillate between hot guys like Lorelai and Rory do for seven — now eight! — seasons.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life launches just in time for Thanksgiving, because of course it does. (And yes, I’ll probably be watching).