Powerful Portraits of Former Black Panther Members Today

The Black Panthers are remembered through their most controversial moments and audacious leaders. But in a new book, a collaboration between photographer Bryan Shih and historian Yohuru R. Williams, portraits of ordinary members today combined with their biographies and testimonies tells a different kind of story about the group which looms so large in the American consciousness, in both fair and unfair (see Megyn Kelly and the New Black Panther) ways.

During our moment of Black Lives Matter on the one hand and Trump-enabled open racism and hatred on the other, connecting to the stories of a previous generation of activists feels vital, and in these portraits, quite stunning.

Below, find a selection of images provided to Flavorwire, excerpted from The Black Panthers: Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution edited by Bryan Shih & Yohuru Williams.

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M. Gayle Dickson (aka Asali, b. June 27, 1948) is a lifelong artist who drew for and helped put together the Black Panther newspaper in Oakland. She was also a teacher at the Oakland Community School. She received a master of divinity and is an ordained minister.