Here Is Some Good News: ‘Planet Earth’ Is Returning, And You Can Watch the Trailer Now

David Attenborough’s beloved Planet Earth was a landmark for nature documentaries, and if you haven’t sat in a darkened room (perhaps with your drug of choice on hand) and watched it on the biggest screen you can find, you owe it to yourself to do exactly that as soon as possible. And, while you’re at it, rejoice, because a decade after the series first aired, there’s a sequel! Planet Earth 2 is coming to the BBC “soon” — there’s no word on exactly when — and it looks AMAZING. The cinematography in the first series was legitimately jaw-dropping at times, so god only knows what they can do with a decade’s worth of new technology to play with. We can’t wait to see!

Here’s the trailer (with Sigur Rós as a soundtrack, because of course.) You’re welcome.